Who Chooses Organic and Why ??

What is really going into your pours?

Do you read labels when deciding what soap or lotion to buy?

Most of us don’t think twice about our skin care, we look for what smells the best :)  Believe me, I was guilty of this also!

Fact is; you can put vitamins in your body every day by using (Raw) Organic products. Our skin crave vitamins like A, C, E and even Iron! 

All these vitamins are found in Raw Shea Butter and African Black Soap.  These organic products can be used by men women and children of all ethnicity's and all skin types.

Please be aware that the products must be derived from nature and not chemically treated to get the best benefits from them. 

Do your body a favor and go for healthy skin care products and choose the best - Choose "Shea All Over" Today!  Your skin will thank you with a radiant, clear natural glow.

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