Organic Skin Care Pack w/ Sunflower Oil
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Organic Skin Care Pack w/ Sunflower Oil

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Organic Skin Care Package 

(1) 8 ounce Bottle of Witch Hazel Toner with Lemongrass Essential Oil. $15 Value

(1) 4 ounce Bottle of Liquid Raw Black Soap - Get your skin to its natural tone with the skin healing properties of Raw Black Soap.  Can be used on all skin types! Filled with Iron and Vitamins A and E. $10

(1) 4 ounce Bottle of Sunflower Oil.  Sunflower oil is Rich in Vitamin E Omega 6 and Fatty Acids.  It can helps generate new skin cells!! It rubs on so smoothly and feels so soft as you apply it to your skin.  This oil can be used on your face body and hair.  $15 Value