Mint Eucalyptus Organic Body Cream for Joint/Arthritis Pain
Mint Eucalyptus Organic Body Cream for Joint/Arthritis Pain
Shea All Over

Mint Eucalyptus Organic Body Cream for Joint/Arthritis Pain

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Shea All Over's Mint Eucalyptus Body Butter is made with Raw Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Organic Coconut oil and organic Eucalyptus and Peppermint Essential Oils. 

Peppermint Essential Oil- 

Peppermint oil is promoted for topical use (applied to the skin) for problems like headache, muscle aches, joint pain, and itching. In aromatherapy, peppermint oil is promoted for treating coughs and colds, reducing pain, improving mental function, and reducing stress.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil-

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory benefits of eucalyptus oil, it can work wonders if your muscles are sore after a workout or if you suffer from chronic pain caused by certain conditions, like carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow. 


These 2 essentials oils work great together to assist with joint pain and muscle aches.  Rub the Body Butter in a circular motion on the areas where you feel pain.  

Avocado Oil - Fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, and E are found in avocado oil to help moisturize and protect your skin from damaging UV rays and also increase collagen metabolism.

Shea Butter - The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in shea butter helps moisturize and nourish the skin. Its high fat content makes it an excellent natural emollient and humectant, locking in moisture and keeping skin hydrated. It ensures that the skin's natural oils are preserved. This means good and smooth skin.

Coconut Oil - Coconut oil helps bolster your skin's protective barrier layer, trapping moisture inside and keeping skin supple and hydrated. Reduces inflammation. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for irritated, chafed skin. Increases collagen production.